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TL Lubricants

Energy Saving

In today’s highly competitive world, many industries operate their machines to the limit, thus leading to machinery breakdown. According to statistics, over 1/3 of energy usage is to overcome friction.

TL Advanced Technology

Provides the solution to minimize energy wastage by reducing friction, while improving equipment performance. TL gives you the advantage to minimize maintenance costs by reducing downtime.

TL Lubricants TL Lubricants

Crude oil consists of Naphthenic and Paraffin.

Major Lubricant suppliers are giant fuel producers,

They manufacture oils and grease

As a secondary by-product of the residue

from their prime profit objective - FUEL !!!

Quality of Product

95% of the world’s oil supply is Naphthenic and less than 5% is Paraffinic

TL Lubricants are derived exclusively from the finest base stock of pure paraffinic oil.

The following shows a comparison of the qualities of Naphthenic and Paraffin :

TL Lubricants

Friction and Lubrication

The finest machining still leaves a rough surface which can only be seen through a microscope. When the film of ordinary lubricant is dispersed by a shock load, the contacting surfaces tends to interlock resulting in difficulty to separate surfaces. As a result, the surface peaks fracture under repeated friction and irreversible destructive wear begins.

TL Lubricants

At TL, we insist on the PROTECTOR

A group of oil supplements uniquely developed to create a single powerful molecular lubricating film on metal surfaces.

PROTECTOR is a natural compound which is very fine in structure (less than 1 micron) and can withstand up to 1,820 C.

This PROTECTOR fills the valleys on the metal surfaces, thus, giving a smoother surface.

Due to its extraordinary finesse, this PROTECTOR easily passes through all genuine oil filter (5 micron).

PROTECTOR has three goals

  • Withstand high pressures.
  • Withstand high temperature.
  • Reduce wear and tear.

Protector Gives Better Performance !

Keep It Running With Hi-Tech Lubricant

Bear in mind that, the main purpose of a good lubricant is to maintain longer productive hours of machinery, not merely in reducing lubricating costs.

By-products of major petroleum manufacturers do not meet machinery specifications.

At McInter World Wide, extensive research and cost are invested in producing superior quality TL-Lubricant product. We have a full range of TL-Lubricant products catering to the different machinery requirement and specifications

TL Lubricants

Your Cost Saving is Our Priority !

Business Concept

With the increase in production costs, most businesses are concerned with reducing production time, increasing productivity. Cost savings are of utmost importance to industries. Businesses today are concerned about the ever increasing production cost.

Most people do not realize how much trouble they are having with ordinary Lubricants :

Hence normal wear and tear is perceived as the reason for machinery failure. With better material used to build machines, life span of machinery should be prolonged. However, metal to metal wear due to lubrication breakdown renders these machinery inoperative.

TL Lubricants Accept Revolutionary Products and Services Now For Your Advancement

TL LUBRICANTS STANDARDS ARE HIGHER GRADE and cannot be compared to ordinary lubricants, thus meets higher equipment manufacturers specifications. TL Lubricants with it’s exclusive formula, are not available to other lubricant producers, therefore, ordinary lubricants cannot meet

Lubricants Ensure Maximum Returns !

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