TL 90


TL 90

Premium Hydraulic Additive

TL 90 is a Premium Hydraulic Additive specially designed to improve hydraulic systems . TL 90 can specially transform ordinary hydraulic oil into High Technology and High Performance Hydraulic Oil.


  • Heat inhibitors to reduce heat build-up.Effective rust and corrosion inhibiting agent.
  • Consists of unique additives that can prevent acidic attack on seals and hoses.
  • Foam & Air bubble resistance to avoid cavitation damages and increase power output.
  • Super strong adhesive anti-wear supplements to protect piston arm surfaces and prevents metal contact.
  • Controls acid build-up due to the ionizations improver.
  • Prevents gum, varnish, sludge formation and oxidation inhibitors.
  • Prevent Down Time And Cuts Operational Costs
    • Every Maintenance engineer knows that deterioration of seals is a major cause of equipment malfunction, resulting in costly machinery downtime. Replacing a seal is a big and costly job, the Hydraulic System must be removed and completely disassembled. Consequent maintenance labor costs and downtime creates unnecessary financial loss. One application of TL-90 costs a few cents but saves big dollars.


  • TL 90 gives superior lubricity. TL 90 has super anti-wear additives to protect all expensive parts and reduce down time.
  • TL 90 contain heat inhibitors to control heat build-up and extend the hydraulic systems and oil service life.
  • TL 90 has special foam depressant which prevent the oil from frothing.
  • TL 90 has effective rust inhibiting agents which neutralize any acid formation.
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