TL 80


TL 80

Super Multi-Functional Fuel Oil And Diesel Improve Additive

TL-80 Diesel Improve is a multi-functional diesel / fuel oil additive for use by all diesel / fuel powered engines.

Typical Uses

  • Reduce Diesel Sludge And Residue
    • Many commercial diesel fuel tends to degrade in storage tanks leading to the formation of sludge and insoluble residues that clog filters, fuel lines and cleans injectors. Adding TL-80 in storage tanks could stabilize diesel quality and also protect tanks from rusting.(1:3000 to 1:5000 ratio)
  • Microbiological/Fungi Bacterial Micro-Organism Control Effect
    • TL-80 is able to retard bacterial growth in diesel storage tanks, bacterial growth is another factor that could degrade part of the highest energy (Btu) components of diesel and form sludge.
  • Time Saving And Cost Saving
    • TL-80 reduces black smoke by a minimum of 50% improves fuel stability and eliminates fuel breakdown.
    • TL-80 keeps engines cleaner by reducing-top ring groove from carbon filling, piston lacquer deposits and injector plunger wear-resulting in sustained power out, longer engine life and up to six times extended injector life.
    • TL-80 does not contain any alcohols, it provides complete separation of condensation - water to insure against injector fouling thereby maintaining peak operational efficiency.
    • TL-80 disperses insoluble gum into the fuel to be burned, lubricates pumps and injectors and provides anti-wear protection, retards further carbon build-up, improves fuel economy up to 8% and eliminates fuel gelling, slime and sludge.
    • TL-80 also contain Biocidal properties.


  • Reduce black smoke.
  • Improves fuel stability and economy.
  • Cleans injectors.
  • Improved engine wear protection.
  • Longer engine life.
  • Better performance and power.
  • Fuel saving.
  • Protect tanks from rusting.
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