TL 70


TL 70

Super Power Booster For Gasoline Engine

TL-70 Super Power Booster is a new generation Power Booster that gives extra power, fuel saving, increase performance and reduce repair.

Typical Uses

  • Super Power Booster That Provides :
    • The accumulation of sludge and constant high temperature in the combustion chamber rapidly increases the frictional drag between the piston rings and walls. Thus, power and fuel efficiency is lost.
    • More powerful engine.
    • Smoother and quieter engine.
    • Reduce fuel consumption.
    • Reduce maintenance cost.
  • Improves Power
    • Burning ordinary engine oil in the fire chamber forms harmful carbon deposits and sludge. High frictional drag occurs because the oil and pressure rings prevent lubricating oil moving into the fire chamber and hence the valves, rings and fire chambers are un-lubricated.
    • TL-70 combines with gasoline before detonation, and converts back to oil after detonation, coating and lubricating the upper engine parts. Special advance anti-wear additives provides a smoother and more engine power after a short distance.
  • Cleaning For Instant Power
    • A dosage of the ash-less dispersal additives of TL-70 softens the existing deposits and removes the carbon between valves and valve guides for better combustion pressure and also avoid gasoline evaporation. By adding TL-70, it eliminates the power robbing sludge and gives dirty or old engines immediate power.
  • Corrosion Resistance To Reduce Wear
    • Has a specially designed corrosion inhibitor which provide an oil film on surface it contacts to prevent corrosion of fuel tanks, fuel bulk tanks, parts & distribution systems. It also resist attacks of harmful corrosive materials formed during incomplete combustion.
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