TL 50


TL 50

Super Premium Gear Oil Additive

TL-50 Super Premium Gear Oil Additive is an industrial oil treatment. TL-50 is scientifically designed to improve operating efficiency and reduce downtime.TL-50 can specially transform ordinary gear oil into super heavy-duty and high technology gear oil.

Typical Uses

  • Improve Efficiency & Save Energy
    • TL 50 contains special additives including extreme pressure " EP ", anti-wear and anti-oxidation. The " EP " and anti-wear compound allow safe and efficient operation under high load condition.
    • Many experienced technicians use higher viscosity oil on older machineries for better performance. The increased viscosity provides certain advantages but it also adversely affects heat transfer and increases internal fluid drag that causes more energy consumption. Now, it is possible to use lower viscosity oil with TL-50 to experience :
      • Smoother engaging of gears
      • Lower noise level
      • Improved fuel economy
      • Cooler running gear systems
      • Extended gear and oil service life.
  • Corrosion Resistant
    • Corrosion wear of machine parts can be more damaging than frictional wear. TL-50 anti-oxidation supplements prevent ordinary oil from oxidation in which formation of acid can attack metals and seal materials. Special TL-50 film protects metal from corrosion in the presence of wear, sea-water and chemicals.
  • Reduce Heat Built-Up
    • When heavy vehicles or equipment move along steep slopes, ordinary gear oil cannot provide complete protection and the gear systems generate tremendous frictional heat that can further reduce the lubricating properties of oil. TL-50 compounded additives are able to make ordinary oil work satisfactorily at high-load, high-temperature and in difficult operating conditions to control frictional heat build-up in all gear systems.
  • Superior Protection
    • The unique, thicker and stronger E.P. Anti-wear film of TL-50 provides a superior protection for bearings, shafts and gear systems. The extra ordinary adhesive and cohesive properties of the " PROTECTOR " film impregnate the working parts at all times for instant lubrication where ordinary oil needs time to reach the working areas during every start of the machine.


  • Anti wear and anti oxidation.
  • Reduce heat build up.
  • Smoother engaging of gears.
  • Cooler running and lower noise level in gear system.
  • Extend gear and oil service life.
  • Superior Protector - Protects All Gear Systems.
  • Corrosion Resistant.
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