TL 367

TL 367

Special Bio-Action, Bio Degradable, Strong Penetrative Enzymes Emulsifier

TL-367 is specially formulated to remove industrial, commercial kitchen-discharged animals fats, vegetables fats and all fatty acids.
TL-367 removes the hazards of grime, fats and obnoxious odors build up.


  • Economical and water soluble - dilute with up to 20 parts of water for general purpose.
  • Fast action: has a special bioactive penetrative emulsifier that lifts even the most stubborn grime and fats.
  • Non- flammable: TL-367 will not support combustion under all conditions and can be used near open flame or where sparking may occur.
  • Versatile: TL-367 removes a wide variety of animals, vegetable fats, industrial grime and sludge. Various levels of dilution make TL-367 a highly versatile emulsifier.


Medical Center, Hospital, Commercial Kitchen, Hotel Chains. All types of Grease Trap.


Dilute TL-367 with water in an automatic sprayer or plastic container up to 20 parts, for light application. Higher concentration is required for heavy grime and fats environment. Spray or direct treatment TL-367 on the surfaces.
Note : Avoid prolong skin contact. Recommend wearing of rubber gloves.
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