TL 334

TL 334

Glass Cleaner

TL-334 Glass Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning of all glasses by removing dirt,pollution film, grime, stain without blurring. It contains a high percentage of fast drying agent and specialty surfactants for instant cleaning action. It retains the lustrous shine of the glass.


  • It is non-flammable. So there is no fire hazards.
  • Fast dissolving action on oils and greases.
  • Non-toxic and safe to use.
  • It is concentrated and can be diluted depending on the degree of the dirt on the glass.
  • Fast drying and leave no water mark.


TL-334 Glass Cleaner is mixed with water,depending on the degree of the dirt. Apply on to the glass by mopping, wiping or other methods suitable to the cleaner.
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