TL 331

TL 331

Hi-Tech Oil Spill Dispersal

TL-331 Oil Spill Dispersant is a unique product for combating oil spill on sea and land, which causes serious pollution to the beaches and poisoning of the aquatic life. It contains a powerful emulsifying agent with stable carriers, combat oil pollution by emulsification rather than sinking it.


  • It is biodegradable.
  • It is safe ,non- toxic.
  • Non- explosive oil dispersant.
  • Safe on metal and rubber hose.
  • It is harmless to aquatic life.
  • Will not affect normal skin.
  • It has no bad odor or harmful fumes
TL-331 Oil Spill Dispersant is a liquid compound developed to emulsify and disperse oil spills from all surfaces efficiently.


It is effective in areas where low toxicity is required, and hence very ideal for 
a) floating oil on harbours, coastal water and inland waterways; 
b) oil spills on decks, piers, beaches, dock support structure & land.
It is designed to quickly and easily disperse and eliminate risk of pollution, fire and slippery hazards caused by accidental spillage of oil. It is neutral, containing neither acid nor alkali. It has a flash point of 70- 80 C & soluble in oil & water.


TL-331 is ready for application directly from barrel and can be applied by pressure sprays, ejector nozzle jets, mopping or brushing onto surfaces.Usually the spilled oil is first rounded up by a floating boom, or other oil containing equipment to prevent diffusion. Suck up the excess spillage. Then spray TL-331 Oil Spill Dispersal directly onto the spill. To speed up the chemical reaction, stir up the surfaces with high speed and pressure jet of water directed at the spill. The spilled oil will turn chalky when complete emulsification has been achieved.


For oil spills on water, decks, docks and beaches, the most economical results are done by the following method:
a ) Thoroughly wet the oil by spraying TL-331 Oil Spill Dispersant through a pressure spray device.
b ) Allow 10-30 minutes for the oil to mix well.
c ) Then emulsify mixture with a fire jet spray of seawater / fresh water.
For large oil spills, connect ejector nozzle attached to a fire hose. The ejector nozzle draws up the TL-331 which is then directed at the oil spill area.


TL-331 Oil Spill dispersant is designed to disperse from 8-12 times its own volume of heavy petroleum oil. For a lighter spill involving lighter grade of oil, dilute TL-331 with kerosene.


Although this product is not dangerous to health, prolonged contact with eyes can cause irritation.
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