TL 322

TL 322

Waterless Hand Gel

Tl-322 is an effective and handy hand cleaner which can be used anywhere with or without water. It removes a wide range of stubborn materials such as tar, carbon, grime, grease, oil fats, ink, shellac etc. It replaces skin moisture loss and eliminate industrial dermatitis and infections. It does not harm ceramics, tiles, chrome and other metals, thus it will prevent any damage to the cleaning areas and fixtures.


  • TL-322 does not contain any harsh chemical or strong solvents, thus immediate use after contact with strong solvents or petrol will prevent the hand from chafer. Other Low quality cleaner tends to remove fats of the skin and robs its protection thus it becomes dry, chafed, cracked and open to infection.
  • With TL-322, man-hours lost due to infections and industrial dermatitis are saved. It is fortified with lanolin to avoid dry skin and replace moisture loss. It also provides extra protection against infections.


  • TL-322 is suitable for people who need to wash their hands several times on the field where water is not available.


  • Rub TL-322 briskly to palms or skin until it liquidifies. This will dissolve grease, grime, paint or dirt. Wipe off with cloth, tissue or rinse with water. For removing stubborn stains, leave TL-322 on for a while before cleaning.
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