TL 321

TL 321

Scale Remover For Cooling Tower

TL-321 is a liquid formulation of polymeric scale inhibitor and high molecular weight organic sludge conditioner.


  • TL-321 prevents formation of calcium and magnesium scale by producing irregular crystals having poor adhesion to metal surface.
  • TL-321 fluidizes the sludge so that it can be easily removed from the cooling tower by normal process.
  • TL-321physically modifies suspended matter into an extremely fine, well dispersed solid which becomes non adherent.
  • TL-321 when used regularly will give cleaner cooling tower, improve heat transfer and reduce operating expenses due to loss of production, repair and maintenance.


  • TL-321 is non-flammable, so there is no fire hazard.
  • TL-321 is economical to use.


  • Ease of using TL-321 as it comes with a color indicator to determine the strength of the chemical reaction.
  • Always wear safety gloves and goggles before mixing and applying. Avoid contact with skin or eyes.
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