TL 320

TL 320

Water Treatment For Cooling Tower

TL-320 is a non-chromate corrosion inhibitor with algacide and dispersant properties. It is a multipurpose chemical for cooling system.


  • Non-Toxic to environment.
  • Effective against algae, corrosion and scale.
  • Contains polymers, biocides and azole compounds.
  • Non-chromate corrosion inhibitor with algae and dispersant properties.
  • Multipurpose chemical for cooling tower system.


Normal recommended dosage is 25 to 100 ppm. For 100 tonnage tower, the usage is :
  • 7 lts per month at 8-hour operation.
  • 10 lts per month at 16-hour operation.
  • 20 lts per month at 24-hour operation.
TL-320 - when applied regularly will give a cleaner and cooler cooling tower system. 
TL-320 - prevents algae, corrosion and scale build-up in the system.
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