TL 319

TL 319

Hi-Tech Multipurpose Industrial Cleaner

TL-319 dissolves grease, oils, ink, carbon, dirt and deodorizes instantly and also protects skin as well. TL-319 is not caustic and is also used as a hand cleaner / cleanser. It cleans floors, vehicle exterior and interior, machineries, food processing equipment, oily ovens, hoods, vents, fans effectively and leaves a shinning coat that smells fresh.


  • Fast cleaning for grease, inks, carbon,dirt,grime and stains.
  • Safe to use - contains no abrasive or dangerous acids.
  • Fortified with lanolin to avoid dry skin & moisture loss.
  • Economical - can be diluted with water but still retains fresh fragrances.
  • Refreshes and eliminates bad odours.
TL-319 provides effective and easy cleaning.It is an excellent cleaner for factory floor, office floor and equipment''s, hotel kitchens, bakery, garage, service station, toilet floor etc.


  • When used on greasy floor, apply diluted TL-319 and leave for 15 to 30 minutes. The wetting agents will spread and act on the floors with grease, oil and stains. Thus sweeping or flushing of the contaminants from the surface will be easy and clean. One can also use rub-on or soak in methods when washing small parts. TL-319 does not harm rubber, plastics, leather, ceramics, chrome and other metals.
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