TL 318

TL 318

Electric Kleen

TL-318 is a specially blended solvent which cleans and de-greases at the same time in running electric motor. It combines a fast evaporating type of solvent that have no flash or fire point with slower evaporating time to have a better cleaning effect.


  • TL-318 leaves no residue and induces no moisture into windings. It is versatile-having a dielectric strength of 32,500 volts.Economical - TL-318 saves expensive downtime because machinery does not have to be shut down during cleaning.
  • Dirt- free motors run longer, and are more power efficient.
  • No condensation problems - controlled evaporation rate reduces the danger of moisture condensations on surfaces, even under humid conditions. Low in toxicity as the MAC valve is 500 ppm.

Direction of Usage

  • Equipment : Metal sprayer / metal container.


  • Remove end plates of motor and blow away dust, and other loose material with compressed air while it is running and spray TL-318 on motor. TL-318 will remove grease and oil and carry away carbon and dirt. After cleaning, promptly lubricate motor.


  • electric motor
  • electric equipment
  • switch gear
  • bearings
  • production parts
  • office machines
  • printed circuits
  • radio &
  • transistors
  • printing equipment
  • elevator equipment
  • parts washing
  • textiles
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