TL 317

TL 317

Heavy Duty Industrial Solvent Degreaser

TL-317 removes grease, grime deposit from industrial floors, machineries and equipments found in automotive repair shops, trucks, terminals, printing industries, manufacturing plants etc.TL-317 prevents the hazards of grease, grime and oil build- up.


  • Economical and water soluble - dilute with up to 30 parts of water for general purpose cleaning
  • Fast action .- Has a special penetrative emulsifier that lifts even the most stubborn stains.
  • Non- flammable. - TL-317 will not support combustion under all conditions and can be used near an open flame or where sparking may occur.
  • Versatile - TL-317 removes dirt, sludge and grime. Various levels of dilution make TL-317 a highly versatile cleaner.


  • Dilute TL-317 with water in a sprayer or plastic container up to 30 parts for light cleaning. Higher concentration is required for heavy grime. Spray or wipe diluted TL-317 on the surfaces, then wipe dry or hose off after a few minutes.
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