TL 314

TL 314

Rust Converter

TL-314 is a treatment of corrosion on metal surfaces.It penetrates unsightly rust and quickly passivates the surface leaving a perfect finish for sub-sequent repainting. TL-314 Rust Converter is a special chemical to convert rusty surfaces into a protective coating which provides excellent protection against corrosion. When this coating is left to dry for 24 to 48 hours, it also act as a primer that accept most paint.


  • Converts rust into a hard blue / black
  • protective organo-metallic under-coat which inhibits further rusting.
  • Reacts only with rust and not bare metal. Will not react with galvanized surfaces.
  • Easy to use by applying with brush, roller or spray.
  • Non toxic and non-poisonous. Completely safe to handle and will not burn.
  • It act as a double function solution e.g.: protective coating and primer.
  • The protective coating''''''''s adhesion to metal is excellent, thus allowing longer protection against rust.


  • Applicable on storage tanks, machinery, bridges, fences, pipelines,


  • For the conversion of ferrous oxide ( rust ) to iron tannate.
    • The surface of the area to be applied has to be rusty.
    • Remove all loose flaking rust, paint, grease, and oil.
    • Wash down with water.
    • When surface is dry, apply TL-314 with brush or spray.
    • If sand blasting is required, allow rust to reappear before applying TL-314.
  • When applying TL-314 either by brush or spray, chemical reaction takes place with the rust. It changes its original colors to black. Then remove the excess TL-314 to ensure smoothness of paintwork.
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