TL 301

TL 301

Hi-Tech Permacoat

Tough corrosion resistant epoxy maintenance coating to fight corrosion and abrasion even in conditions where extensive surface preparations are not practical.

Unique Adhesion Formulation

  • TL-301 is based on an unique concept of organic chemistry.
  • It has been modified to provide strong molecular attraction on the frontier zone between itself and the work surface.
  • The molecular reaction is similar to that provided by super adhesives. This transformation makes it superior in bonding strength on steel, metals, cement and many variety of flooring material to fight against corrosion and abrasion.


  • General industrial coating.
  • Extreme chemical submersion coating.
  • Extreme high temperature coating.

Versatile Usages

  • The special two-pack combination contains unique chemicals which can wet and penetrate the surfaces easily to form a self - priming characteristic. It can be used as a primer coat with other TL coating or as a semigloss interior / exterior finishing for steel tanks, cooling towers, industrial machineries exposed to weather, seawater, acids and alkaline splash or spillage and fumes: For piping, ducting, floors, decking, ceiling and cool room usage.

Surface Preparation

  • All surfaces must be clean and dry. Dirt, oil, grease and surface contaminants will reduce the coating’s effective life. Badly corroded surfaces should be cleaned by sandblasting, power wire brushing or thorough scraping.


  • Stir resin and curing agent separately. Then mix and stir 4 part resin to 1 part curing agent thoroughly : ( mixture cannot be stored and should be used immediately ) before application, ensure that the under surface primer is thoroughly dry.
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