TL 30


TL 30

The Supreme Oil Additive

TL-30 is a Hi-Tech Oil Additive for all types of engines and industrial machines. TL-30 is specially formulated to prolong engine and machine life.

HI-TECH TL-30 Additive Makes the Difference

  • Common types engine oil use inferior quality additives or small amounts of costly additives to ensure their selling price is competitive with other ordinary engine oil. TL-30 includes more then twenty useful and costly additives to give Superior Engine Performance.
  • Adhesive Poly AD
    • Linear molecular polymers which enables the lubricant to produce a positive and negative charge to adhere to metal resulting in smoother surfaces and less friction.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor FF - 1000
    • Polar-type film, forming a mono molecular layer on metallic surfaces to eliminate the effects of corrosive agents.
  • Anti-Wear Flexol A
    • Organic zinc and nitrogen molecules which produce chemical polishing at low temperatures.
  • Leak Inhibitor SSD-5
    • High aniline point compound which eliminates leaks by keeping seals flexible.
  • Oxidation Inhibitor Antox OB
    • Ash-less organic nitrogen prevents oxidation.
  • Viscosity Improver Polyol
    • Nitrogen containing 100% copolymer of lauryl and butyl methacrylates will maintain viscosity under all conditions.
  • Protector
    • Is a natural compound which is very fine in structure ( Less than 1 micron ) and withstand up to 1,820 c. This PROTECTOR fills the valleys on the metal surfaces, thus giving a smoother surface.


  • Extends oil change interval.
  • Increases power output.
  • Reduces wear and downtime.
  • Reduces fuel or power consumption.
  • Reduces oil top-up and machines servicing.
  • Anti-wear & Anti-oxidation.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Control oil thinning.
  • Control acid build-up.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Prolongs vehicle life.
  • Protect wear from first revolution and easier cool start.
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