TL 268

TL 268

High Temperature Stable Grease Can Take On Temperatures

In Excess Of 2800 °C (5040 °F)

TL-268 features a special Protector Solid Lubricant (PSL) which continues to lubricate applied parts well past the danger zone of ordinary greases, continues to lubricate parts well past 2800 °C

Typical Uses

  • TL-268 is engineered as a general-purpose grease for virtually every type of application where exceptionally high temperature heat is unavoidable.
  • TL-268 is stable with temperatures in excess of 2200 °C (3960 °F). At temperatures in excess of 2800 C, the PSL simply disintegrates into harmless carbon dioxide, leaving NO dangerous particles to contaminate, sear and scour expensive bearings and part.


  • Oven Cars
  • Brick Kiln Cars
  • Steel Mills
  • Baking & Cooking Ovens Foundries
  • All slow-moving, high temperature applications.


  • TL-268 is a highly-specialized High Temperature Stable Grease that has been engineered to continue lubricating applied parts at high temperatures.
  • TL-268 features a highly unique lubricating principle. Its finely-balanced proportion of paraffin carrier and micronized PSL gives it good penetration power, good "spread ability" and enhanced lubricating qualities.
  • The TL-268 is designed merely to be the "carrier" of the solid lubricant, to enable the latter to be introduced into the part(s) to be lubricated. Once the operating temperature increases to the volatilization range of the TL-268 "carrier", it flashes off and leaves the super-fine Protector Solid Lubricant (PSL) in place. The PSL remains and continues to provide unparalleled anti-friction lubrication performance to the applied parts.
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