TL 230

TL 230

Nickel Anti-Seize Compound

TL 230 Nickel Anti-Seize Compound is a compound of very fine metallic particles of nickel and Protector as well as graphite lubricants and corrosion fighting inhibitors.This high performance grease and Protector additive provide extreme pressure lubricating properties that prevents galling and cold welding and at the same time prevent water wash out and galvanic pitting from electrolysis of road salt, acid and salt water.

Typical Uses

  • TL 230 is non-hardening and has exceptional thermal stability. The particles present are inert and will not evaporate under extreme temperatures and their heat resistant qualities will prevent carbon fusion and seizure at temperatures up to 2990 °F.
  • TL 230 does not contain lead, copper or molybdenum disulfate compounds.
  • TL 230 stops corrosion, galling and seizure between metal parts.


  • TL 230 is recommended where different metals are used together, such as brass and steel because Nickel is a hard metal and keeps surface apart.
  • TL 230 also used where high Nickel Alloy metals such as steel or where titanium or other hard metals are involved.
  • TL 230 exceeds the requirements of MIL-a-90ze
  • Nickel Anti-Seize is also used where metals such as copper cannot be present as in caustic ammonium or high acidity processing plants.Surface need not be cleaned before application unless other low quality Oil / Grease is present. Where ultimate performance is required use on threaded parts, bushings, gears, valve stems, chains, sprockets, levers, hinges, pivots, rollers, bearings, heat exchanger bolts, manifold bolts or as a gasket release agent, etc.


  • TL 230 consists of unique and super fine metallic Protector which can fill the micro-flaws of alloy micro-bearing particles to resist high temperature frictional damage.
  • These alloy particles withstand temperature from -90 °F up to 2990 °F without seizure acid alkaline. It seals off outside contaminants including gases.
  • This product can be used like grease, diluted and applied as coating or mix with other lubricants or additive to allow the alloy Protector to reach and stay in the working area forlong term protection,
  • It has very long shelf life.
  • This is excellent for asphalt plants, cement, glass, steel industries, smelters, food, chemical, paper and marine industries and offshore operations.
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