TL 228

TL 228

Heavy Duty Wheel Bearing Grease,

Vary-Purpose Extreme Pressure Grease For Today''s Industries

The contents of the super stable friction modifiers in TL-228 greatly reduce friction between dissimilar metal surface. They enable the bearing to run cooler and the grease to last longer. TL-228 is capable of resisting severe and continuous impact which is very useful for transport, quarries, timber and other industries.

Typical Uses

Anti-Wear Protector
  • TL-228 has " PROTECTOR " additive which create a single powerful molecular lubricating film on all types of bearing surface to prevent bearing wear and tear. It also acts as a sealant to prevent dust, dirt, mud and water from getting into the bearings.
Seals Off Outside Contamination
  • In many industries, grease does not only function as a lubricant but also acts as a sealant against outside contamination, water and chemical .In many wheel bearing packing, more volume of ordinary grease is required to function as seals, and less is utilized in actual lubrication.
  • A minimal amount of TL-228 is enough to seal off outside contamination and water.
  • It can stand high water pressure wash.
High Drop Point
  • TL-228 has a drop point of 290 °C.
  • With its high purity of base oil, the body structure of TL-228 has less deterioration when compared to ordinary grease used under the same time and working environments.


  • TL-228 is suitable for high speed bearing operation ( Speed above 4,000 rpm ).


  • Can stand high pressure.
  • Resist pounding out.
  • Water and acid resistant.
  • Non-conductive.
  • Resist chemical and hot water wash.
  • Stability for high speed bearing applications.
  • Seals out contaminants.
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