TL 223

TL 223

Extreme Pressure Open Gear And Metal Sliding Grease

TL 223 EXTREME PRESSURE OPEN GEAR AND METAL SLIDING GREASE is designed to be hand applied. It is a non-asphaltic blend of very heavy oils, inert thickeners and proprietary lubricating solids coupled with moly and graphite which provides a tough adherent film necessary in reversing gears. This unique compound supports heavy loads at low speeds and protects against catastrophic wear under surge and shock loading. Lubricating film develops a semi dry finish reducing contaminated adhesion.

Typical Uses

  • TL 223 is a high quality lubricant for heavily loaded open gears and exposed mechanisms.
  • Its lubricating film lowers it''s rates ( especially under E.P. conditions ), reduces throw-off under high centrifugal forces, resists wipe off and squeeze-out on gear surfaces.
  • Will not drip off vertical gears and dipper sticks.
  • Resistant to lubricant wash off or dilution.


  • The tenacious ingredients of TL 223 assisting the micronized Protector bearing action separate the heavy duty parts to slide easily. This provides smooth, fast and silent action.
  • Use on High Horsepower open gearings found on cement plants, rotary kiln master gears, dryers, shovel dipper sticks, swing and reversing gears, presses, wires, ropes and cables.


  • Non-melt, water insoluble and chemically resistant.
  • Reduction in vibration ( noise )
  • wear''s achieved through special compounding techniques,
  • Lubricating solids and Timelines Surface Polish open gear additive,
  • Reduced consumption makes the " use cost " of TL-223 far below conventional asphaltic products.
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