TL 221

TL 221

Super Premium High Temperature Multi-Purpose EP Grease

For Industrial, Automotive,Heavy Duty Fleet & Farm Equipment.

TL 221 is a Superior Aluminum Complex Grease product having excellent lubricating qualities over a wide range of temperatures. Designed for work under the toughest conditions in operating temperatures from -30 °F to 880 °F with excellent mechanical and chemical stability.

Typical Uses

  • Extreme shear stability for high speed
  • bearing applications (Speed above 3,000 rpm).
  • Resists acids.
  • Resists high pressures.
  • Induces ball,sleeve, and roller bearing to operate cooler.
  • Withstands severe shock loading.
  • Resists pounding out.
  • Forms its own seal against outside contaminants.
  • Lasts much longer than many conventional greases, reducing the time needed for lubricating.
  • Water resistant-combats dampness.
  • Colour coded-eliminates the problem of using the ''wrong'' grease.
  • Actually fills flaws in metal, and metallizes while it lubricates.


  • Protector which penetrate metal surface.
  • Protector fills up the peaks and valleys of these metal surface and forms a single molecular film to permit metal moving parts to slide off one another.
  • The unique tacky property of TL 221 adhere strongly between surface thus it can seal off contaminants.
  • It is excellent for outdoor and coastal equipment where foreign particles and salt water are the extra conditions of destruction in roller, bush and pin.
  • The heavy load carry capacity of TL 221 exceeds all ordinary grease - thus reduce greasing frequency.


  • Outstanding wide temperature range grease (-30 °F to 880 °F operating temperatures ).
  • Outstanding water washout resistance.
  • Excellent shock load-carrying ability.
  • Rust and corrosion inhibited to protect metal surface.
  • Excellent EP ( extreme pressure ) protection against high loads and wear.
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