TL 220

TL 220

Penetrative Cable, Chain, Pin and Roller Grease

TL 220 is a proven new concept in combining the advantages of solid lubricant and the most advanced additives of modern world to prolong life of spare parts.

Typical Uses

TL 220 has special built in additives that provide excellent resistance to water and is water wash resistant. It also resists the tendencies found in ordinary grease to form rust-prone areas where water, ice or malting snow contact metal surface and lift off protective coatings.Can withstand extreme pressure


TL 220 contains extreme pressure additives

  • Protector which penetrate metal surface.
  • Protector fills up the peaks and valleys of these metal surface and forms a single molecular film to permit metal moving parts to slide off one another.
  • The unique tacky property of TL 220 adhere strongly between surface thus it can seal off contaminants.
  • It is excellent for outdoor and coastal equipment where foreign particles and salt water are the extra conditions of destruction in roller, bush and pin.
  • The heavy load carry capacity of TL 220 exceeds all ordinary grease - thus reduce greasing frequency.


  • Heavy load caring capacity.
  • High resistance to water washout.
  • Anti-Oxidation characteristics.
  • Superior anti-rust protection.
  • Seal off contaminants.
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