TL 218

TL 218

Premium Track Adhesive Multi Purpose EP Grease

TL 218 is a premium, heavy duty, EP Multi- Purpose Lithium grease fortified with polymers, tackiness additives, high viscosity base oils, rust and oxidation inhibitors. TL-218 advance formulation provides a grease unsurpassed in adhesive and film strength quality. This grease is designed to " stay in place " under the most severe operating conditions to resist water washout and wear from shock loading. TL 218 is the grease designed to " stay in place " under the worst operating conditions of water, dirt and mud.

Typical Uses

The adhesive and water resistance qualities of this grease make it an ideal chassis lubricant for

  • " off-road " trucks
  • construction equipment
  • agricultural equipment
  • logging equipment
  • mining equipment
  • rock crushers
  • oil field equipment
  • off shore drilling equipment
  • marine deck equipment


  • Industrial plain bearings and anti-friction bearings operating under shock loads, wet and dirty conditions but Not recommended for small
  • Anti-Friction Bearing Operating Over 5000 rpm
  • Ideal lubricant for "slides and ways " and " fifth wheels ".


  • Adhesive-tacky grease that " stays in place. "
  • Water wash-out resistance.
  • Excellent protection against shock loading wear.
  • Extreme pressure protection. Exceeds 60 pounds on Timken OK Load Test.
  • Rust and corrosion inhibited to protect metal surface.
  • Dyed distinctive red color to better detect defective bearing seals.
  • Grease " stays in place ". Less frequent re-greasing required.
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