TL 162

TL 162

Superior Maintenance Lubricants

TL 162 is most suitable for : Anti and semi- auto lubricating systems i.e. pressure fed systems, closed circulation also for wick feed, dripfeed and bath systems. Specially recommended for wrapping / packaging machinery, printing machinery, machine tools, air compressors, farm equipment, torque converters, hydraulic chain drives, gears and bearings.


  • Compressor
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Transmission chains
  • Electric motors
  • Anti- friction bearing enclosed gear


  • For short usage, where water exists, the addition of TL 162 rust inhibitor gives total protection on all vital parts.


  • Extra production costs will be incurred during machinery stoppage in all industries due to mis-alignment and resetting of machines. The special anti-wear agents in TL 162 prevents mis- alignment, thus reducing costly and expensive spare parts, resulting in less rejects and product wastage.


  • A common hazard in operation is water condensation. Emulsification of oil takes place when water is allowed to remain in machine which can lead to machine destruction. The special water separation characteristic in TL 162 repels water, thus permitting total drainage of water present in the system.


  • TL 162 has a high viscosity index and provides a strong oil film efficiency under pressure loads due to its paraffin oil base. It is specially recommended for high speed performance machinery and electric motor bearings.


  • Service life of ordinary oil is greatly shortened due to the acceleration of Industrial contamination and friction heat. The anti foam agent and quality paraffin base oil provides high oxidation resistance, and consists high aniline points to eliminate harmful attacks on Sealing Materials.
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