TL 160

TL 160

Industrial Textile Oil

TL 160 is the superior lubricant for high speed, high impact application, Textile spindle and thread lubricant long lasting lubricity.

Typical Uses

  • All late model General Motors, American Motors and Chrysler cars, vans and light trucks as well as most imported cars.
  • Recommended for use in all Ford transmissions calling for Type F, M2C138CJ and M2C166H (Also called Type H).
  • Allision C-3 Fluid.
  • Caterpillar TO-2 Fluid.
  • Ford Power Steering Fluid.
  • Recommended for GMC Truck & Coach Division vehicles using V.V-H & Super V transmissions.
  • Also for Allision AT, MT & HT trans-missions & Sundstrand & Eaton heavy duty transmissions.
  • Low temperature hydraulic and rotary air compressor fluid.


  • Provides tough film strength while minimizing oil drag, even at 20,000 rpm.
  • Adheres to high speed moving components.
  • Low viscosity property prevents power loss due to internal friction.
  • Cushions machine parts from the effect of high impact loading caused by unbalanced machine operation.


  • Excellent anti-seize and anti-static protection. TL 160 prevents seizing compound build-up to give a smooth operation. TL 160 also prevents static electricity build-up.
  • Exceptional Adhesion Quality
    • TL 160 penetrate between the blade and bolster on textile spindle and maintains a strong film even at 20,000 rpm. It has anti-oxidation and anti-rust agents to enhance the lubrication effect thus providing excellent and longer protection.
  • Low Viscosity
    • Speed increase oil film thickness. At high speed operation TL-160 has a very low viscosity to minimize power loss from internal friction, TL-160 provides extremely strong film strength to withstand high speed and high loads.
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