TL 159

TL 159

Superior Air Line Lubricant

TL 159 is a superior formula which has been developed especially for Airline Lubrication. The superior Airline Lubricant is designed for the most pursuing working conditions.


  • PROTECTOR an exclusive anti wear, high temperature additive.
  • Special emulsifying additives which allow water to mix readily with the oil.
  • A remarkable tackiness agent which enables TL-159 to bond tenaciously to the working surface lubricating as well as prevent rusting.
  • Special foam-inhibitors to reduce pressure on seals and maintain high lubricating efficiency.
  • A unique formula which prevents the hardening and cracking of leather seals.


  • Viscosity maintained :
    • TL 159 flows smoothly through airline and integral oilers in all temperatures.
  • Rust prevention :
    • Humidity increase as temperature decreases in the air expansion occurring in the air tool. Coupled with external water condensation, pneumatic tools becomes very prone to rusting. TL-159 protects against rusting with its emulsifying and adhesive additives which allows it to mix with water and adhere to working surface.
  • High lubricating strength :
    • The combined unique additives enable TL 159 to resist the highest pressure found in airline application like percussion machines and maintain an optimum oil film between all moving parts.
  • Versatility :
    • TL 159 is recommended for both airline oilers and oil log lubricant.
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