TL 153

TL 153

Special Gear Oil

TL-100 DEXRON III ATF is manufactured from premium quality paraffin base oils blended with a specifically balanced additive combination to provide high oxidation stability, excellent foam resistance, corrosion and wear protection, and heat resistance. Fluid is also compounded with a friction modifying additive to provide smooth lockup of clutches without chatter.

Typical Uses

  • Water Proof
    • TL-153 completely water and water wash resistant. It resists condensation and humidity, rain and other forms of water contact.
  • Non-Foaming High Oxidation Resistance Qualities
    • Allows minimum metal to metal contact due to high stability in lubricity & viscosity. Thus, noise level is lowered and smoother gear shifting in vehicles is experienced.
  • Extra Allowance For Heavy Duty Gears
    • Many machinery users usually overstretch the load capacity of their equipment. TL-153 exceeds all equipment EP Gear Oil specifications to give bearings and gears extra protection against scoring, scuffing and welding.


  • Anti-wear and anti-oxidation.
  • Reduce heat build-up.
  • Smoother engaging gear.
  • Cooler running and lower noise level in gear system.
  • Extend gear and oil service life.
  • Superior Protector -- Protects All Gear Systems.
  • Corrosion Resistant.
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