TL 119

TL 119

Special Racing Engine Oil

TL 119 SPECIAL RACING ENGINE OIL is designed to meet the lubrication requirements of today''s gasoline automobiles and heavy duty trucks. Formulated from specially refined paraffinic base oils combined with the most modern detergent / dispersant, stay in grade shear stability, anti-wear, CTA (Compensatory Thermostat Action ) and anti-corrosion additives to provide superior performance.

Typical Uses & Recommends

  • Engine Protection
    • with fleets of expensive cars and other vehicles, find difficulty in ensuring the right types of oil for their respective engines.
  • Car Enthusiasts
    • Increase maximum power and extra protection in their favourite machines.
  • Improves Power & Fuel Economy
    • The tough film strength fortified with superior anti-wear additives gives super lubricity. Greater reduction in internal engine drag leads to extra power performance and fuel economy.
  • Controls Viscosity
    • TL- 119 consists of special micro-polymers that compensate for the natural tendencies of an oil, to thin out or thicken when subjected to high or low temperature fluctuations. Thus, it provides immediate starts on cold mornings and performs effectively even under desert environment with less top-up. It is suitable for turbo-charged engines which demand rapid oil flow and rapid oil pressure build up.
  • Greatly extends oil drain intervals - up to 20,000km.
  • TL- 119 meets or exceeds the requirement of the following sequences and specification:
    • CCMC : G5 / PD-2
    • API : SJ
    • MIL - L - 2104E
    • US ARMY : MIL - L - 46152D
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