TL 117

TL 117

High Performance Turbo Engine Oil

TL 117 is made from semi-paraffin base oil, blended with "PROTECTOR" to provide unparalleled performance. A premier engine oil engineered for long service and long term durability under all weather conditions. Specially designed for both turbo-charged Diesel and Gasoline Engines.

Typical Uses

  • The new generation friction-reducing chemistry in TL-117 reduces fuel consumption, decreases engine drag so that engine power efficiency is improved.
  • TL-117 provides excellent performance in turbo-charged engine. It provides a high film strength. "PROTECTOR" needed to protect initial valve train wear points such as hydraulic valve lifters, cam idlers, valve tips and all engine lubricated components.
  • Greatly Extends Oil Drain Intercals Up To 20,000 km
    • API : SN / CI 4
    • SAE : 5W30


  • Prolongs engine life.
  • Improves oil economy.
  • Reduces oil consumption.
  • Anti-Wear.
  • Gasoline and diesel turbo-charged performance.
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