TL 108

TL 108

Super Performance Diesel Engine Oil

TL 108 is recommended for turbo-charged diesel engines, with or without air inter cooling system, fitted on trucks, public works equipments and buses under severe environment. It is also recommended for all other diesel engine including the normally aspirated type. It can be used in gasoline engines of commercial vehicles in mixed fleets. The viscosimetric characteristics maintain the high performance in extreme conditions of climate.

Typical Uses & Recommended

  • Noticeable decrease in wear in normal service and especially wear due to initial force.
  • Maintain minimum clearance for adequate lubrication even in severe service.
  • Increase the efficiency of the engine, resulting in the reduction of fuel consumption, and achieve higher performance.
  • Maintain the engine in silent operating condition.
  • Safety in case of accidental lack of lubrication oil, deterioration of cooling system or unexpected overload. The ''PROTECTOR'' on the surface make it possible to avoid an immediate seizure and reduce damage to a minimum.
  • Safety during the running-in period and faster abstaining of the full power of the engine.
  • Outstanding detergency to prevent sludge formation on hot parts of the engine.
  • Outstanding dispersancy to avoid the agglomeration of particles originated by combustion & very high alkalinity reserve to neutralize acid products from combustion.
  • Superior anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability, protection against bore polishing.
  • Exceptional theological characteristics which ensure enhanced oil film strength as well as easier cold starting.
  • Greatly extends oil drain intervals - up to 34,000 km. Field test recorded good performance over 100,000 km with every 10,000 km filter change and periodical oil analysis.
  • Protects against corrosion and rust - impervious film of rust inhibitor isolates metal from water. Appropriate additive is used to neutralize acid formation in the oil.
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