TL 106

TL 106

Premium Vacuum Pump Oil

TL 106 Premium Vacuum Pump Oil is specially compounded with special additives to provide long, trouble free operation of vacuum pumps. It is recommended for all service conditions from intermittent, light load to continuous, heavy duty application where its superior performance becomes apparent.


  • Hi - oxidation resistant.
  • Control seal leakage.
  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Foam resistant.
  • Excellent demulsibility.
  • Saves time and labour.


  • TL-106 Vacuum Pump Oil is made of highly refined, chemically stable high viscosity index base stock. The compounding includes fortified high temperature ashless oxidation inhibitors that prevent gumming, sludge and resin formations. These ashless inhibitors are carefully selected to impart excellent water demulsibility, foam inhibitor and corrosion resisting characteristics.
  • For application with operating temperatures up to 68.3 °C use grade 20, up to 76.7 C use grade 40. For vacuum pump where oil acts as a seal, the higher viscocities are recommended.
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