TL 105

TL 105

Heavy Duty Extreme Pressure Cutting Fluid Additive

TL 105 is a unique and extremely versatile lubricant for metal cutting, stamping, drawing, conveyor chain, textile and asphalt release agent, completely water soluble to facilitate removal from finished parts. Designed to prolong tool life and enhance greater cutting effectiveness.


  • The concentrated or heavy duty metal working fluid, specially formulated to provide superb performance to reduce loss of machine time for a waste metal removal.
  • Business competition forces many metal working plants to increase productivity, speed, efficiency and accuracy by changing machinery, computer controls and getting higher quality tooling. However, the cheapest area that can be improved upon has lagged behind, i.e. Metal working fluids.
  • The advanced formulation in TL-105 reduce friction and minimize welding, scoring and galling. This produces less stress, faster machining and improved surface finish at the workplace. Further more, it does not cause health hazards.


  • Prevents corrosion.
  • Cut waste disposal.
  • Greatly extends tool life.
  • Is not detrimental to health & does not contain chlorinated compounds.
  • Improves cooling effect to prolong fluid usage life.
  • Reduce man hours required to look after machines such as stoppage and adjustment.
  • Provides smoother surface finishing to obtain closer tolerance accuracy, thereby greatly prolong spare parts life and produce quality products.

Versatile Usage

  • The extreme pressure formulations are suitable for grinding, milling, drilling, threading, topping, reaming, turning, gear generation and hobbing.
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