TL 10


TL 10

The Water Cooling System Lubricant That Lubricates,

Cleans And Prevents Rusting

TL-10 RADIATOR PROTECTIVE CONCENTRATE is The Advance Solution to eliminate most of the Water Cooling System problems. It''s also The Water Cooling System Lubricant that lubricates, cleans and prevents rusting.

Typical Uses

  • Radiator Problem
    • The most neglected part of a vehicle is probably the cooling system. The cooling system of today''s modern and advance engines faces two great problems , rusting and lack of lubrication.
    • Lack of Lubrication results in the premature failure of water pump and also cause sticking and improper operation of the thermostat.
    • Rusting can cause radiator failure.
  • Quality Protection
    • TL-10 with it''s unique formulation, does not effect iron, copper, aluminum and rubber materials.
    • TL-10 have special additives that create an oil film on all metal surfaces to prevent rusting and lubricate water pumps, ensuring longer engine service life.
    • TL-10 provides long lasting insurance against common radiator problems.


  • Reduces maintenance cost.
  • Increases cooling system efficiency.
  • Prevents radiator corrosion.
  • Protects water pump and seals.
  • Gives proper thermostat operation.
  • Prolongs engine life.
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