TL 300

TL 300

Coil Clean Concentrate

TL-300 Coil Cleaner is specially formulated for condenser coil maintenance. It keeps condenser coils clean and prolongs equipment life.


  • TL-300 is suitable for all types of air-conditioning, coil maintenance, especially for hotels, hospitals, industrial plants, government departments, service companies, air-conditioning repair shops or any establishment that maintains or service air-conditioning equipment or systems.

Typical Uses

  • TL-300 can be applied concentrate or diluted as required. Turn off the unit, hose down condenser to cool the fins.
  • Spray TL-300 from the top of the condenser unit and gradually work downwards until all areas have been saturated with TL-300. Allow 5 to 15 minutes for TL-300 to penetrate the surface. Then flush the entire unit with water and allow to dry.
  • Examine surfaces for any remaining corrosion, repeat application if necessary.
  • Flush out and thoroughly rinse all sprayers and applicator ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s that were used with TL-300.


  • Instantly removes oily grime and industrial pollutants.
  • Saves time and money by allowing air conditioning systems and units to run at maximum efficiency with cleaner condenser coils.
  • Regular service with TL-300 keeps condenser coils clean,prolong equipment life, and saves replacement cost and down time.
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